Bob Yexley

software development, sports, the outdoors, faith, life...

Front End Web and Distributed Software Developer

Family-first husband and father of three, I believe a good work-life balance is essential to maintaining the focus and productivity needed to achieve great results. I believe in using the right tool to get the job done in the most effective and efficient manner possible. In my 20+ years of experience, that has involved the use of various tools and platforms, but most recently my focus and specialization has been on native front-end web application development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript connecting to flexible and powerful REST and microservices on the server. I'm passionate about delivering high-quality, user-friendly solutions that deliver business value to my customers and clients on the most ubiquitous and accessible platform available to them: the web.

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Contact Information

Skills and Proficiencies

Web Development (Advanced)

Backend and Distributed Architecture (Intermediate)

Developer Tools (Advanced)

Professional Experience

{ October 2020 ↠ June 2022 } The Art of Education University [ Software Engineer III ]

The Art of Education University

fromOctober 2020toJune 2022
Software Engineer III

Senior Software Engineer leading a replatforming and modernization effort, rebuilding an existing WordPress site into a more modern architecture with a micro-services backend, and next-generation frontend using Next.js and React, dramatically improving performance, quality and maintainability.

  • Designed and built a new identity system from the ground up, as the foundation of the replatforming effort.
  • Implemented the design for a brand new marketplace experience that allowed users to purchase event tickets and digital product subscriptions, interfacing directly with Stripe as the payment gateway for the ecommerce side of the application.
  • Evaluated, hired and mentored junior developers who made significant contributions to both replatforming and maintenance development efforts.
{ February 2019 ↠ July 2020 } Amplify Exchange [ Senior Software Engineer (On-Site and Remote) ]

Amplify Exchange

fromFebruary 2019toJuly 2020
Senior Software Engineer (On-Site and Remote)

FinTech startup, built a Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Built a series of web-based UIs for facilitating the deposit, withdrawal and trading of a number of Cryptocurrency asset types (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc)
  • Built a number of different REST micro services supporting various exchange operations such as background checks, incentive rewards, etc
{ January 2018 ↠ February 2019 } Sparkbox [ Senior Web Developer (Remote) ]


fromJanuary 2018toFebruary 2019
Senior Web Developer (Remote)

Web Developer specializing in working with clients to build web responsive and accessible web sites and applications with a focus on moving the web forward by building it a better way.

  • Worked primarily with a Fortune 500 retail client on modernizing and improving their ecommerce platform performance by converting it to an improved component-based architecture using React.

Wanna See Some Code?

You're always welcome to head over and checkout my GitHub profile and the code samples there; but, well, there's a lot there and I feel like it might be more convenient for you if I point out some of the more well rounded repositories that you'll find there. Below you'll find a list of links to repositories, along with a brief description of what you can expect in each. I feel like this could be helpful to you in case you might be looking for something specific, like an example of some of my experience with React or node.js or something like that.

  • Poplar

    This project is an Electron menubar application for MacOS that I built for use in controlling a Wemo power outlet for turning a light on and off from my laptop. It's build with Electron, React and Redux.

  • Decked Out Workout

    React/Redux web application optimized for mobile devices for facilitating a quick-and-easy workout from anywhere you are when you have time. Code walkthrough available upon request. The link above is to the code repository itself, you can see the app itself hosted and running on Netlify.

  • My Web Site

    This includes the custom React code for this resume, which I like to use as an example of my understanding of that library. The pieces for the resume are scattered around a bit, but you can find the base page file here, the components here, and the raw data used to generate it here.

  • service-core

    This is a library that I've put together that I use as a boilerplate for creating REST services with node.js and Express. I like it because it encapsulates the core configuration of the Express server, and allows me to simply define routes and handlers along with a configuration that I pass in to it. This library dramatically simplifies the creation and maintenance of REST services for me.

  • Quakie

    This was a fun project that gave me a great opportunity to get more comfortable with some tools I was interested in expanding my knowledge of. At the time I wrote it, it was fantastic tool in helping me learn Express and Postgres better. There is a node.js script that iterates over a series of dates and downloads historical weather data and persists it to a Postgres database. With all of the historical weather data I was interested in persisted locally, I created a web UI with React, Webpack, postal.js, express.js, axios and Massive.js to extract the data from the database and generate graphs with weather trends using Chart.js.

  • Various Others

      You'll find a number of other projects in various states of relevancy and completion. Some are no longer in use or are outdated by now, and others are the product of learning new tools and techniques, and never really got completely "finished." You know how it is, right? 😉 Feel free to poke around in them anyway.

    Still Curious? Need More?

    • Writing

      Feel free to browse anything that I've written on my web site. There's not a ton of stuff here, as I've pruned much of the stuff I've written over the years as it has fallen out of relevancy. I also contributed a chapter to an ebook on Modern Web Practices a while back. It's almost sad how quickly technical content becomes outdated and practically irrelevant.

    • Air Force Career

      I spent 11 years in the Air Force after graduating from high school. For the first 6 years I was a Munitions Systems Specialist, at which point I cross-trained into Communications Computer Systems Programming, where they taught me foundational computer programming skills. During my time in the Air Force, I spent time at various places all over the world. Here in the US I spent time in Texas, Colorado, California, Nevada, Arizona, Mississippi and Ohio. I also traveled extensively overseas to Germany, Spain, Sardinia, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Turkey. I separated from the Air Force in December of 2001 and have worked as a professional software developer ever since.

    • Formal Education

      Not gon' lie, I don't have a whole lot of it. While I was in the Air Force, I did take some college courses toward an attempt to get a college degree, but it was tough to stay on top of that with as much as I was deployed during my enlistment. After getting out of the Air Force, I took a curriculum's worth of course work at a local college near where I lived in Ohio, learning more about computer programming, to which I credit a significant portion of the foundational programming knowledge that launched my career as a developer.

    • That's pretty much it

      If you've gotten this far, there really isn't a whole lot more to tell (and I commend you). You're welcome to check out the About page if you're interested in a little bit about me personally. Feel free to browse around the site, as it contains just about everything I'm willing to share about myself online. Beyond that, you're just gonna have to ask me. Thanks for checking out my resume! 🙂